March of Remembrance Dallas

March of Remembrance Dallas is a project of the Nathaniel Foundation.

The Nathaniel Foundation sponsors and underwrites many ministerial endeavors. The March of Remembrance Dallas appreciates the help it receives from this supporting organization.

The March of Remembrance, also known as March of Life, was birthed in Tübingen, Germany by Jobst Bitner, a theologian and activist, as a German-Christian response to the Holocaust. The marches have grown to a worldwide movement led by Christian leaders and universities partnering with the Jewish community.

March of Remembrance Dallas is a local chapter of a Christian organization that started in Tübingen, Germany. We come together to remember the victims of the Holocaust, stand against anti-Semitism and hate, and reconcile with the Jewish community during the month of Yom HaShoa (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and Kristallnacht. Our marches include a ceremony, music, Holocaust survivors and second-gen speakers, dignitaries and repentant descendants of SS officers.

This year on November 7th, the March of Remembrance will be partnering with Cornerstone Ranch Special Needs Resident Community and Southern Methodist University. More details to be announced in weeks to come.


Dr. Victoria Sarvadi

Executive Director

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Cynthia Heaton

On-Site Director

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Jackie Thornton

Administrator & Memorial Coordinator

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Our Yom HaShoa remembrance service will be on April 7th at 7:00pm. Please mark your calendars, details to be announced!


The March of Life: Memorial and reconciliation marches at historic locations of the Holocaust in Europe. Descendants of Nazi perpetrators finding words their fathers and grandfathers couldn´t find. A clear symbol for Israel and against modern anti-Semitism.

The March of Remembrance supports the March of Life in the United States. It honors the Holocaust survivors and let their voices be heard and their story told. The purpose of the March is to educate a generation that is often unaware of the reality of the horrors of the Holocaust and to remember those who were lost.

The HRA is a 501-c-3 educational organization, founded by descendant of Holocaust survivors, Rozalie and Mitch Jerome and based in Kingwood, Texas. It was formed to sensitize all people to the issues of the Holocaust and facilitate healing, reconciliation, and education.


To Be Announced Soon!


To Be Announced Soon!