Dr. Bron Barkley

  • THE LORD JESUS made it clear in John 17:8 that His mission included making THE NAME of The Father known (revealed, “manifested”) to His disciples. Little did we suspect that He connected this in two w

  • “Trailing clouds of glory do we come from God who is our home,” wrote nineteenth-century English poet William Wordsworth in Lines from Tintern Abbey. His sentiment was that before we were born, we had

  • HEBREW—The language of the Bible—the Oracle by which God has spoken to mankind through the inspired utterance of the preserved scriptures of the traditions handed down through Moses, the Writings, the

  • It may surprise one to know that cosmologists today understand the universe to be composed of two basic kinds of energy, usually described as matter and light. These experts believe this energy exists

  • Va’ydaber ADONAI el Moshe lay’mor: NASO et-rosh b’nei Gershon gam-hem l’veit avotam l’mishpechotam. (Numbers 4:21-22) And the LORD spoke to Moses saying: TAKE a census of the sons of Gershon also by t

  • Numbers 1:1-2 Va’y’daber ADONAI el Moshe b’midbar Sinai b’ohel moeydb’echad la’chodesh ha’sheyni ba’shanah ha’sheynit le’tseytamme’eretz Mitzraim leymor: Soo et-rosh col-adat b’nei-Yisraell’mishpechot

  • Jesus of Nazareth split time in two. The Roman Catholic church designated the division as BC and AD, “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini” (Latin for “the year of our Lord”). Since then time measures worl

  • What was Noah thinking when he came out of the ark after the devastation of a world-wide flood that destroyed everything familiar to him and his fellow-survivors? What kind of security could he now ex

  • Parashah VaYakhal (“And he assembled”) “Va’yakhal Moshe et-col-adat bnei Yisrael v’yomer aleihem eileh had’varim asher-tsivah ADONAI la’asot otam.” “And Moses assembled all the congregation of the son

  • Springtime—and fresh air. Sunshine is bright after gray winter skies evaporate into warm clarity. Deer dash across fairways having peeked from nearby forests. Children laugh on playgrounds once more.

  • One of the great blessings of being part of The Bethany Fellowship is our ongoing desire to connect authentically to “the faith OF Jesus” as part of our personal continuation of discipleship. An aspec

  • Tu B’Shvat is a time of expectation. Seeds unseen in the ground are gestating and about to break forth into the sunlight of growth toward maturation and fruitfulness. It is along the line of this cycl

  • John 10:22, “Now it was the feast of Dedication in Jerusalem, and it was winter.” (NKJV) Jesus had the people of Judea in a state of frenzy as they tried to reconcile his mighty works against their pe

  • Family leadership can be a messy business. Take the case of Judah who came up with a messy plan to save his brother Joseph from gruesome death at the hands of his brothers: “And Judah said unto his br

  • HOLOCAUST: “(1)…a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering….; (2) the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II….” (definition of “holocau

  • It’s been many years since I saw the famous “light” associated with near-death experiences. I was within 20 to 30 minutes of dying in an airtight elevator when I began to fear that I would go to Hell

  • In the Bible, not only is the aggressiveness of destruction expressed by the term “to and fro” (Joel 2:9, KJV) but also the intensity of godly pursuit (Zechariah 4:10). The one describes the LORD’S ar

  • With a deep sense of hopelessness, Pilate groaned as he said to Jesus, “What is truth?” Feel the weight of despair in his words. Jesus had said to him, “I have come to bear witness to the Truth.” Here

  • “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” (2 Corinthians 4:

  • Two biblical times intertwine in my understanding to guide me in the ongoing development of my life.  Both are prophetic and both are contemporary:  future and now.  Together they move me along lines

  • Shin Bet Tav. These Hebrew letters form the Hebrew root that means repose–desist from exertion–cease–celebrate–and other expressions having to do with an alternation from labor

  • In this month’s Kaleidoscope, Dr. Sarvadi introduced us to “omer,” quite an unusual word. The truth is, Scripture is filled with unusual words—primarily in the ancient language in which it was written

  • The Omer As “Gathering” The omer (which literally refers to a sheaf of reaped grain) occurs in five chapters of the Tanakh:  Exodus 16; Leviticus 23; Deuteronomy 24; Job 24; and Ruth 2. It



The marches were birthed in Tübingen, Germany by Jobst Bitner, a theologian and activist, as a German-Christian response to the Holocaust. The marches have grown to a worldwide movement led by Christian leaders and universities partnering with the Jewish community.


Date: Sunday, April 19th (Yom HaShoa)
Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: SMU Mack Ballroom - Dallas, TX

The march will be on the SMU campus concluding with a short remembrance ceremony on the lawn.


**CORONA VIRUS UPDATE** Texas marches preparations are in full swing. We are closely monitoring the developments and are in constant contact with the local government requirements for everyone's safety. We will keep you updated as the situation develops.