Jonathan Settel

  • August in England was cool and believe me – a welcome relief. The Florida sun and humidity had been dancing together, creating a symphony of 96 degrees in perfect harmony with 96 percent humidity. I g

  • The last few years have been memorable for my family. Sharon and I have been blessed by two thundering little toddlers, and a very special eight-year-old grandson. The eight-year-old is very smart, ev

  • To the Jews, arriving at the sea of Reeds (The Red Sea), all of creation became a symphony, a song, because they, “in the blink of an eye” understood how every unrelated and incomprehensible event in

  • Those of us attending a recent Shabbat service at the Bethany Center witnessed a unique and vivid demonstration of life and the difference between illuminating a thought or idea with extensive life ex

  • Something heavenly happens when one hears the music of Yeshua (Jesus), as He must have heard it when He was a boy—in the Hebrew language of His people. The liturgy of the Jewish people has a life unto